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About Private Freedom:


I had a goal (to find a way to support veterans), and a vision (to create a persona others might connect with) and motivate them to make a contribution for veterans in need.


So, I thought if people had a "symbol" that they could personally know, or identify with, they would more likely be inspired to donate!


Being a veteran myself (fortunate enough to have served in a time of relative peace), I've contributed through the years to various veterans' organizations. 


Finally, I want to "enlist" the energy and enthusiasm of kids to engage in reaching out to the community and supporting veterans.

Please note that Private Freedom uses a non-working replica parade rifle for his demonstrations. It is fake.

Private Freedom won the 2014 Judges Choice

& the 2015 Grand Theme awards at the Gloucester Fishtown Horrribles Parade!

Private Freedom is awarded the Awesome Gloucester grant!


It will be used to help veterans in need through the Veterans Service Office and the AMVETS Riders for homeless and hungry veterans!


Click the above image to go to the Awesome Gloucester site!



These are the true heroes in our lives! Whether active or reserve, at home or abroad, on the front line or in a support position. They all have their role, they all answered the call of be at the ready! They give aid during natural disasters, they defend, they fight, and if necessary they make the ultimate sacrifice for their country and their loved ones.


We honor and thank them all. This is my tribute to them...


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